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Following up with the last v. short post on Marriage Protection Week, my thoughts on being politically active.

I don't know what it is about college; I was never politically active before. Probably because I wasn't eighteen, and probably because I lived in a town where it didn't matter how hard I tried, no one was going to take me seriously because I was young, they were old and Ultra Christian Right. But now that I'm eighteen, I have a voice. I live in a place where I can make a difference, I do have a voice, and where I feel I have almost a moral obligation to try and change the things I think are unjust and discriminatory and just fucking wrong about this country.

I've been reading some very intelligent, politically-minded blogs lately, the blogs of people who are out there working and living under Bush's administration, and their opinions coupled with my own just give me the overwhelming feeling that goddamn, something's got to be changed here. I went to see Howard Dean and I was just struck by how different he seemed from Bush: he was earnest, and decent, and intelligent, and eloquent. I agree with his policies and I agree with his sentiment. I'm going to campaign for Dean and I'm going to do my hardest to make people recognize that he's a very valid choice. But if Dean doesn't get onto the ticket, for fuck's sake, I will register, and I will vote for anyone besides Bush, because I think that Bush is a plague upon this country.

Case in point: Marriage Protection Week. Bush's definition of marriage differs from many people's, and that is the problem. For me, personally, marriage and family are two+ people loving each other healthily. That's it. It's not Bush's definition. Under his definition, gay people just don't equate into this whole mess. I don't know what it is about gay people that supposedly makes us so unable to stay in a loving healthy relationship or to raise children well. Because I know we can. Like heterosexuals, homosexuals have their philanderers and their pedophiles and their abusive bastards and their unhealthy relationships. But we're not even talking about that. LOVING GAY RELATIONSHIPS SHOULD AWARDED THE SAME RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES AND RESPECT THAT STRAIGHT RELATIONSHIPS ARE.

Not to mention that the 'Marriage Protection Week' is simplistic. Marriage is not right for some people, and that's it. People fall out of love or are constricted by the boundaries of marriage or--gasp!--find out that the person they married just isn't right for them. My own parents are very unhappy within the boundaries of the kind of 'marriage' that President Bush means, and it's just not right that people have to deal with this. They would be so much happier if they were free, and MPW just doesn't recognize this. It also doesn't recognize single parent families or families who don't have children or people who live together but aren't married.

Quite simply, IT IS A SLAP IN THE FACE.

And it's not something the government should be worried about.

And it's none of Bush's business.

I know I should come out to the people in my dorm. It would help them so much, I think, if homosexuality could just be humanized. We're not monsters. We're not disgusting. We're people, even if you don't agree with what we do. And all people have rights. Like to have their love recognized. To raise children. To be with their partner when their partner is in the hospital. And so on and so forth.

The boundaries between state and religion are coming down, and I am so scared because I am everything that the religious right hates. I am a liberal atheist homosexual freethinker. I don't fit within their cute little definitions, their pastel-tinted sweet paintings of a bespectacled, suit-wearing father, a skirt-wearing mother, and two little ones playing with puppies on the kitchen floor. I am so scared that someday, I might not be able to live in this country and be recognized as a human with rights.

God bless the HRC. It probably won't do anything because Bush hates democracy, but democracy is all about trying so go try, okay?

A bitching livejournal that says it much better than I could, and has great comments. It's Lady Sisyphus's. I love.

I think I shall launch a secret ninja mission to assassinate George Bush. Ninja!

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